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Re: Graphic Design Work

On ke, 2007-04-18 at 14:34 +0100, James Herrington wrote:
> I'm new to this list so i apologise if i am asking this in the wrong place.
> I am a young graphic/web designer looking to gain some high profile
> experience for my portfolio.
> Does anyone know of any graphic/web work available on the debian project?

Anyone who successfully produces a new design (looks and layout),
including implementation, of debian.org and its sub-sites (wiki.d.o,
packages.d.o, qa.d.o, planet.d.o, bugs.d.o, etc), and gets is accepted
and used by the project, is likely to get a lot of acclaim and fame.
Many have tried, with little visible success so far.

Web design of Debian needs to take into account its many unsual
requirements, such as translations into a multitude of languages, and
mostly avoiding dynamic page creation. If you decide to tackle it, the
debian-www mailing list is probably the best place to discuss
requirements and related stuff.

You'll also have to cope with an unusually cantankerous client,
consisting of at least a thousand strong-willed people, many of whom
dislike any change.

But if you succeed, we'll love you for years.

On a clear disk, you seek forever.

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