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Proposal for a new CDD sub-project: Debian4Business

I would like to start a new sub-project called Debian4Business or perhaps
Debian-Office.I have a slight preference for the first name, but this is
discussable of course.

I have a small company, that provides legal services. About 6 months ago (I use
linux for more than 8 years already) all desktops are running Linux now. The
people using those desktops have no prior linux experience. I have tried several
distributions, but with every distribution I see problems appear with the people
that use it. These problem appear because no distribution is really focused on
business use within small and mid-sized companies.

Of course there are some distro's with exactly this goal, however they are
usually commercial products/forks. Probably all very good distro's but also
awfully expensive, and that makes them not very interesting for small- and
mid-sized companies.

I believe there is definetely a 'market' for a business oriented linux based on
open source/GPL/Debian social-contract, maintained for and by it's users instead
of a commercial base. The open source/GPL/DSC concept works for individuals, so
why it wouldn't/couldn't work for businesses?

My goal with this project is to create a CDD that provides it's users with the
tools they need to easily install and use the things a small and mid-sized
business needs in their working environment. This goes for both server and
desktop tasks. A small and mid-sized company often doesn't have a permanent
system manager, that's exactly why things have to be simple. Of course it should
also include the common office tools, like an office package (openoffice), email,
groupware, etc etc.

I would very much like to hear the opinions of the developer community.
The first -and very important- step to be taken is to form a group of people that
support this goal and are willing to work on it.

If there are no major objections I will start to get things going.



Arjan van Eersel
---- Dit bericht is verzonden via mijndomein.nl

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