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Re: ideas....

On 07/04/07, Bernd Zeimetz <bernd@bzed.de > wrote:
> 2)One real issue with Debian is a lack of admin tools, (such as yast
> is for
> SuSE). Considering starting a project to develop a range of gui based
> admin
> tools for Debian.
One of the reasons why I am using Debian is that there is no yast. Tools
like yast too often try to know more than the admin, which can be pretty
much pain in the ass if you want to configure something yast & Co don't
like. Imho the mix of apt* and debconf is all you need.

I agree with you to a limited extent, for example if you open yast it will overwrite the current settings with out warning, its complete bloatware and does not work nearly half the time. Again it would be nice to have a set of "fast" gui tools to do quick changes if required. I will go ahead with the project as a independent project however aimed for the Debian system. Any suggestions would be great.
John Watson.

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