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Re: ideas....


No flame please. :)

I have not commented in detail on your ideas about how to use money in
the project, because I'm just a volunteer interested in showing off how
smart I am :) and unfortunately also revealing how much I still can
learn.  Note that the Debian project is very volunteer-driven,
Yes but the framework example I just given is still volunteer-driven, ideas is suggested by volunteers,  project leader is voted by volunteers, I dont see any reason why such a framework would stop debian being a volunteer-driven type project.

and money
is a sensitive subject.  
Again another reason why to have a framework in place to limit future disputes and
possible delays.

For now I prefer to stay out of flamewars about
money in Debian, and focus on the interesting parts: the software.
Its not a discussion about money, its about placing a framework in place on how money is allocated if debian recieves investment.


Bart Martens

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