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Re: Debian Logo removed from the box

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On 03/30/2007 10:48 PM, Kevin Mark wrote:
> Is the product or service related to an operating system? 

	It's a software to manage photos.

> Would a person confuse their product with ours? 

	Well, the person that reported the "possible violation"
was unsure about the relation of Debian and GTSDigital, he
wrote to ask about permission to use Debian Logo.

	My guess is that considering the confusion of Trademark
and Copyright Laws, the reporter was trying to let us know
about a "possible violation", probably this was the interpretation
of our logo being a registered trademark or protected material.

> Also, I have read from other DDs that
> our logo is easy to create using common graphics tools.

	Yes it is, a while ago somebody posted a step-by-step to
recreate it. This time in special the colors and shape were
identical and the GTSDigital was quickly to say that they don't
want any problems.

	Anyway, just to let it clear, I did not contact GTSDigital,
I just translated the original message from pt_BR to en_US, and for
some unknown reason to me, GTSDigital people contacted us reporting
the logo removal from their product.

	Kind regards,

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