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Re: instalation no desktop

On Sat, Mar 17, 2007 at 08:56:25PM -0200, bsaearp wrote:
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> hi, i had downloaded d last version of debian and i am trying to install. 
> But, the problem is that there is no desktop...the packts don`t install. It 
> just ask my login and pass. but don`t iniciate. What am i doing wrong? 
> tanks a lot 
> be 
Congratuation on installing the base install of Debian. It doesnt
install gnome or Kde. If you want more help, direct your request for help
to the debian new user lists. To find one in your language go to
lists.debian.org and find the correct one. If you want english,
subscribe to 'debian-user'. This list is for topics related to the
Debian project and not to new user help.

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