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When a discussion goes bad...

Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk> wrote [quoted with permission]:
> [...] I kept repeating same argument, which X
> refused to accept. Each time I repeated, I raised my voice a bit,

Just an aside for future reference: unless the other person is hard of
hearing, I can't see that approach ending well.  If one can't explain
it any way that the other person will accept, then I think there comes
a point when one should reply:

1/ "let's see what Joe thinks" - involve someone who understands your
view, who will hopefully feed back to you more reasonably if the other
person has a valid point;

2/ "the solution must do Y" - challenge them directly to produce a
solution which meets your criteria; and/or

3/ "I'm here, so I win" - pull rank, then shut up and endure the flames.

Anyone got another way out?

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