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LinuxWorld Korea anyone?


Debian got again invited to represent itself with a booth in the
.org-Pavillion at the LinuxWorld Conference and Exposition Korea [1],
which will take place 20th tp 23rd of June in Seoul.

But I can't find local volunteers to organize and man a booth.  If you
would like to help us by having fun at a Linux event and meet cool
people, please get in contact with me.

I can try to do some of the paper work from here (europe), and I can try
to give you some tips; but it's quite unlikely that I show up in Korea

  1: http://www.linuxworldkorea.com/

Yours sincerely,
  Alexander, having his CEO hat on

PS:  There are "LinuxWorld"s popping up all arround the globe, and most
of them have those ".Org pavillions"; so please mail me, and I try to
remeber you when we get the next invitation :)

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