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Re: Poll on the wiki (was About terminology for stable/testing/unstable)

Pierre Habouzit a écrit :

On Tue, Mar 06, 2007 at 01:08:59PM -0500, Philippe Cloutier wrote:
Since there were no or few preferences expressed, I created a simple poll on the wiki at http://wiki.debian.org/Terminology/StableTestingUnstable
At least a few votes would be welcome.

   From Jargon File (4.4.4, 14 Aug 2003) [jargon]:


	 [originally BSD, now common] Technical disputes over minor, marginal
	 issues conducted while more serious ones are being overlooked. The
	 implied image is of people arguing over what color to paint the
	 bicycle shed while the house is not finished.

TTBOMK Christian already chosed suite IIRC, which is a good term, the
discussion is from May 2006 for god's sake !
Christian chose suite before I posted ""suite" vs "branch"". From an IRC discussion we had later, he was ambivalent between the two terms.

   IOW: We just don't need to bring this up _again_.
Yet "more discussion" is currently equal with "suite" on the poll. So please vote, rather than $PICK_YOUR_JARGON_TERM.

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