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on hats... Re: Questions to the candidates


this is maybe a bit off-topic here, but as the notion of "hats" have become 
quite popular in Debian in the last two years or so, I want to comment on 

On Sunday 04 March 2007 19:57, Kalle Kivimaa wrote:
> My belief is that the DPL hat is something you can take off. 

Yes. But if the others dont see that, it practically hasn't happened. (For 
them, but usually this is what matters.)

And this is exactly the problem I have with "hats". The concept is good, we 
all have different roles in our lives and it's good that/if each of us is 
aware of this. But as the concept of hats is virtual (you only imagine you 
wwear different hats!), too many people too often forget, to make these 
virtual hat-changes visible in reality.

And some hats are (more or less) incompatible which each other, or at least 
cause problems. The idea that one just can change hats as needed, hides this.

(But except for the secretary role I don't see any other role in Debian, where 
the DPL hat is incompatible with the secretary hat.)


P.S.: Please reply to -project only, -vote will have enough volume these days 
anyway :)

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