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Re: Danke für Etch * Thanks for Etch* Merci pour Etch

[ nice mail, attempt of a translation for non german speakers follows ]

* nico <patnico@gmx.de> [070208 20:03]:
> Liebe DebianerInnen,
> [..]

Dear Debianists and Debianistas,

I would like to thank you in advance for 'Etch'.  Kudos to you.

Thanks to everyone who give their time, work and love to the project.
I think you can feel what volunteershup can archieve and what that

As I have already wrote in debianforum.de:
Keep a term shouldn't be of importance, like the motto: "(We're) I'm 
ready, when you're ready!"

Beside that is the project a process with an end in itself, not the
product, which needs to be ready to a specific date.
I consider that a excellence, not a failing.

For me it is *Debian Etch Over the Edge!*
(Sorry for that distasteful Aerosmith citation, can't get it out of my

> Nico

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