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Re: Debian logos and trademarks

On Thu, 08 Feb 2007, Anthony Towns wrote:
> The DFSG refers to copyright licensing, it doesn't cover patents or
> trademarks.

It actually doesn't refer to any of them specifically. It does talk
about licensing, but it doesn't clarify whether it's refering to
copyright licensing or trademark licensing.

> Having a restrictive trademark license prevents people from using
> confusingly similar logos, while a DFSG-free copyright license allows
> people to make derivatives as long as they're not confusingly similar.

Right, but DFSG §3 doesn't qualify the types of derivative works that
must be allowed. [Though I admit there are limitations to it that
(lots of us may agree) exist even though they are not stated.]

In any event, this entire line of argument isn't particularly
important, so long as no one puts the official logo into main or
contrib. [MFT set to -legal as it's probably more on topic there if
someone wants to discuss it.]

Bravo though, for actually moving on this. It's nice not to have to be
rediculously hypocritical when talking about licenses on distributed
logos with upstreams.

Don Armstrong

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the people.
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