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Re: Debian logos and trademarks

On Wed, 07 Feb 2007, Bastian Venthur wrote:
> I have a question. If I understand you correctly you want to put the
> "official use" logo under the MIT license AND enforce it as an
> unregistered trademark so that someone can only use it if "we"
> (who?) authorize it. This sounds contradicting to me and how does
> this meet the DFSG?

It doesn't really, which is why the official logo should not be in any
packages.[1] [Plus, it'd have to be ripped out anyway by any derived
works of Debian, so best not to have it there in the first place.]
> A second more general question: why do we need a (semi) non-free
> logo after all? Looks to me like we're currently not allowed to use
> the "official use" logo in our own distribution, so *why* do we have
> it?
> Does somebody actually use it for something?

Business cards of Debian Developers? Worship? Rubbing?

Don Armstrong

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