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Re: how to donate free program for Debian?

Kevin Mark wrote:

> There have been some new subdomains created as easier forms of
> communication wrt debian (some unofficial and some not) like
> times.debian.net and release.debian.org. Would it be useful or desired
> to create a central location, as opposed to doing 
> 'site:debian.org position statement' in google, to view these official
> positions that Debian has issued, possibly for media consumption and
> for others looking to know Debians position on popularly discussed
> issues? Not including say the social contract
> page or people.debian.org entries that some folks like yourself have.

The problem is that Debian is a sufficiently decentralized organization
that asking about "Debian's position" makes only a little more sense
than asking about, say, "Slashdot's position".

I don't know who exactly would have authority to make an official
position statement for Debian.  Probably the outcomes of GRs count, so
we can say what Debian's position on the GFDL is.  Can the DPL's remarks
as "leader@d.o" be considered position statements on behalf of the
project?  He was elected, so maybe yes, but a fair number of DDs don't
agree with some of them...

Apropos to my previous email, I don't know if Debian has even taken an
official position about the desirability of spending project funds to
license software patents for use in Free Software, although I suspect
the majority of DDs would be against it ;-)

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