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Re: Social Committee proposal

On Sat, 27 Jan 2007 12:56:46 +0100, Josip Rodin <joy@entuzijast.net>

> We actually have ample precedent that we can generally get along
> nicely when thinking about ourselves socially - witness the
> successful Debian Conferences held each year. Sure, there are
> problems with them, but we manage to pull off this social gathering
> every time, in all sorts of different places and contexts.

        Well, I think perhaps naming it a social or cultural committee
 might imply a broader scope to the activities we are hinting of than
 is intended. For example, these are the kinds of rules I think
 should fall under the purvue of the ctte:

 * Argumentum ad hominem is never acceptable, please respond to the
   issue at hand.
 * Statements about motivations of other participants in the thread
   are almost always incendiary, and unlikely to be correct. Please
 * Repeated injection of past wrongdoings have little bearing on
   ongoing discussions, and should be eschewed. 

        These are the kinds of things we should stay away from:
 * Do not promote Joke religions -- only the one true religion should
   be referred to (I am not kidding. there was a thread like this
   earlier this year)
 * Anything policies related to sexual orientation (well, duh, but it
   makes a point)
 * Do not swear :P

        I am not sure about exhortations to be respectful -- in my
 opinion, respect is earned, not dictated from up on high. But one may
 always be civil; but I don't know how effective mandatory civility
 is, nor how enforceable that rule could be. Smacks too much of
 thoughtcrime, perhaps :)

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