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Re: Social Committee proposal

On pe, 2007-01-26 at 13:35 -0600, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>         But this is the problem.  It is called selective
>  enforcement

I thought it was called showing compassion and understanding and

>         Selective enforcement  can be chilling.

Status quo is chilling. I am sure I'm not alone in avoiding discussions
about Debian issues in public, or at all with a set of people, since
they always end up with my skin being raw. 

For this discussion, I have borrowed some extra thick armor. I don't
know how long it will last.

>         Also, your example has the negative implication, no matter how
>  you disclaim it, that the end result of a social policy is gonna make
>  me feel like I am in a disney movie.

See, this is part of the problem: every time, and I do mean *every*
time, anyone want to discuss the possibility of actually doing something
about the abusive communication culture in Debian, there pops up people
who loudly reject any changes. They (and you're usually one of them) say
that it will be a violation of free speech, or will turn Debian into
Disneyworld, or Teletubby land, or whatever.

I'm quite disgusted with this by now.

There is no need to become a Disney movie. There is no *intention* of
becoming anything even like a Disney movie. I said the "don't swear"
rule was an example and that it was not my intention to make up one. Yet
you immediately pounce on that and use it as a stick to beat down any
proposal for change.

It's a matter of people showing respect towards each other. One way of
showing that is via politeness. Politeness is not the same as being
touch-feely, cuddly teletubbies.

Another way of showing respect is to actually consider what other people
propose in a discussion from various points of view, instead of
rejecting them and their arguments, because you've made up your mind ten
years ago.

>         No fucking way, man.  No fucking way.

Well, fuck you then. Fuck you and the paranoid ass you rode in on.

Is that the level of discourse you want to engage in?

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