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Re: Social Committee proposal


On Fri, 26 Jan 2007, Josip Rodin wrote:
> > It's much simpler to take important decisions within a board: when you're
> > alone as DPL, you fear taking the wrong decision and end up taking no
> > decision. Within a board, it only needs one person motivated enough to
> > bring an issue to a vote and get a result that is way stronger.
> That's tricky when it comes to social relations. It only takes one person
> motivated enough to sway opinions in what others may think is the wrong
> direction. That would be detrimental - just like the technical committee
> doesn't really *lead*, the social committee shouldn't lead, either.
> It should offer assistance and guidance, but not too much beforehand.

Each member of the committee is free to have opinions, however to change
that into a statement from the committee, he needs agreement from others via
a vote or something.

So no I don't really think, it's detrimental. It's needed... the committee
is (like the DPL) here to support good ideas and give inputs when things
are not as good as they should or could be.

> That's interesting, and it's probably worth considering, but again, it deals
> more with leadership than anything.

I beleive it's tightly coupled. It's difficult to respect a single
individual you have not voted for. It's easier to accept the decisions
taken by 10 persons when you like what 6 of them are doing.

> > In that case, you need to have decision mechanism that scales accordingly:
> > votes are open for a short period of time (let's say 4 days) and the
> > quorum for a vote ought to be relatively slow because on a large group,
> > you'll have always 1/3rd to 50% who are on business trip, on vacation,
> > busy, whatever.
> I figured that having the same voting time and quorum as the leadership
> election. You are right that it tends to draw out, but it's less of a
> problem if the positions last over a year. You want to give people ample
> time to get back from whatever distraction and help decide the membership
> of the committee for the next two years.

I was referring to decisions taken by the committee itself not to the
way we elect the committee.

> > I would like if we could bring such a proposition to vote before the DPL
> > election of this year (because of the obvious consequences on the election
> > itself).
> You mean, we couldn't elect one person for both positions?

My view implies replacing the DPL by a DPL board, so it's better if we
change the rules before to elect a board instead of a single individual.

Raphaël Hertzog

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