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Re: question

On Thursday 25 January 2007 07:48, Estudio SIMA wrote:
> Hi, just a question, which distributions of Linux are REAL open-source,
> non-commercial 100% for commercial use?
> I'm doing intelligent houses i need a stable version of linux for the
> server that runs my programs, control the circuits,etc etc, and i want to
> know several posibilities about Linux.
> Debian is one, Slackware also or not? there are another ?

Some popular ones are Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Slackware and Fedora. Since 
this is a Debian list, you can imagine that most of us would recommend you 
stick with Debian. Afterall, most of us here have tried *many* 
distributions over the years, and come to prefer Debian for a variety of 

You can go to a site such as http://distrowatch.com/ to compare GNU, Linux, 
and BSD distributions yourself. They list a lot of details about tons of 
distributions, including their project background, a little bit about how 
they work technically, their commercial status, etc.

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