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Re: Debian Logo Use

On Thursday 11 January 2007 00:24, Tony Hunt wrote:
> Ive seen this web page a few times and could not help wonder what the
> relationship was to the Debian project. Is this the Debian Logo being
> used ? Maybee someone at Debian should look at this ..
> http://www.elcom.gr/sv2agw/

Unfortunately the Debian swirl is relatively easy to create and quite a 
few people seem to get basically the same idea (I recently came across 
our logo in noodle soup...).

Unless the logo is the exact same shape and/or is used for a service that 
could be confused with Debian, there is no real conflict of interest or 
basis for legal action.

In this case I don't see that we need to take any action. Thanks for 
alerting us to this page though.


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