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Re: Rogue autobuilders (was: Re: New ARM autobuilders)

On Wednesday 20 December 2006 09:19, Michael Banck wrote:
> On December 17th, 2006, Aurelien Jarno wrote on his blog:
> > As arm@buildd.debian.org is everything but responsive (well if you can
> > assign a level of responsiveness to /dev/null), I have decided to act.
> > I have installed QEMU on an 8-way Opteron machine, and created 8
> > emulated ARM machines, which 256MB of RAM and 10GB of disk for each,
> > all running buildd + sbuild. Altogether those 8 emulated ARM machines
> > should be faster than all the Debian ARM build daemons. I have setup a
> > wanna-build database on my server. During the day it has built around
> > 100 packages.

> I don't think this is the proper way; [...]

Right, the proper way is for the appropriate people (DPL, DSAs, buildd 
infrastructure people, whoever can actually DO something about it) to 
say, "awesome, Aurelien! Thanks for taking some initiative, setting this 
up, and providing both your time and hardware to *vastly* expand the power 
of the ARM buildds! Now, let's integrate that into the regular buildd 
system by [doing some productive action ...]"

So, Mr. DPL -- if this is *not* happening because no one is communicating, 
or whatever, can you please take some responsibility here? Help 
communication, assign more delegates, or work this yourself?

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