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Extremadura work meetings evaluation

Now this year's developer gatherings in Extremadura are over. I
would like to hear what people thought about these meetings.


What meeting(s) did you participate in?

How effective were they?  
(0 = totally ineffective, 1 = very ineffective, 2 = fairly ineffective, 
3 = neither, 4 = fairly effective, 5 = very, 6 = totally)
In what way were they efficient?
How could they be more efficent?
Had you set yourself specific goals when coming?
How well did you manage to achive your goals?
(0 = failed completely, 1 = failed mostly , 2 = failed partly , 
3 = neither, 4 = managed fairly well, 5 = managed very well, 6 = totally)

How much did you enjoy them?
(0 = not at all, 1 = quite unpleasent, 2 = fairly unpleasant, 
3 = neither, 4 = fairly enjoyable, 5 = very, 6 = totally)

How was the trip there (and back)?
How long did it take (hours)?
Did you pay your trip yourself?
How much did you yourself spend on the gathering alltogether?

Would you come again?

Would you have liked to attend work meetings but could not?
Why could you not attend the meeting(s)?


I will evaluate the answers (and try to get an evaluation of the
extemadura folks, too) and will publish my findings on -project.
thanks for helping!


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