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Re: Debian Etch Stable.

Bill Allombert dijo [Wed, Dec 13, 2006 at 07:09:22PM +0000]:
> I am concerned you missed all the QA work and other works done by what you
> call "anti-payment" people. Never so much work was done prior to a
> release. It certainly show there are enough people willing to invest
> effort in the release without dunc-tank bait. Byt the way, my release
> date for Etch is "When it is ready".
> You have to consider that Dunc-tank created a conflict of interest for
> every developer not strictly neutral about it and this is not a
> comfortable position to be.
> Given the current prospect for Etch, "we can do this better, and look,
> we'll prove it" is not even challenging.

Stop splitting everything in bands. Both sides are doing QA work -
Maybe what should be measured (if it could, in a world much different
than the one we live in) is whether putting money in speeded up or
sloweed down the release - By this, I mean QA work and overall QA
level. But as I said in an earlier message, that will never be
completely, reliably measurable.


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