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Re: Hardware for Debian people

Michael Schmitz wrote:
>> Maybe one such a machine could be used as a distcc+crosscc server for
>> the Debian-m68k port (or even maybe aranym) ?
>> I expect Joerg box to be in Germany (?).  Maybe it could be hosted in
>> the
>> same room as crest, kullervo, hobbes and q650 so it could serve as a
>> distcc server for them all ?
> Short-term, most definitely. Long-term it might be better to diversify a
> bit (space in our server room is pretty scarce now. I should post a
> picture some time).

Martin Zobel-Helas and Alexander Wirt had offered to host m68k porting
machines at their homes. Maybe this is valid for such a box as well?
I think it would make a nice developer accessible box where people can
log in and test-compile their stuff.

Ciao...        //
      Ingo   \X/

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