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Re: Debian Weekly News - November 28th, 2006

Ok, I'll bite. Although I do feel this discussion as senseless, as
there is no parallel between Debian and a real-world government. Or at
least, I have not yet been visited by the Judicial branch or the
Secret Services (Ouch! No, stop that, please! THERE IS NO CABAL!)

Margarita Manterola dijo [Wed, Dec 06, 2006 at 01:56:40PM -0300]:
> >> DDs are the legislative
> >That doesn't make sense, either.  The legislature is a subset of the
> >population, elected to act on behalf of the population.  DDs are the
> >population.
> Uhm, that seems a bit DD-centric to me.  Debian is not only about DDs,
> you know. There are *users* who are not DDs.  So, the population would
> be all the people that use Debian, be it DDs or not.
> So, in that sense, the DDs might be legislative, in the sense that we
> make the rules, and the users have to live with them, and some times
> we take into account the users' wishes and change this or that
> according to them.
> We don't legislate much, though, so I think that calling it the
> "legislative" power is a bit of a stretch.

If you want to look at who legislates, take a look at who participates
in the etching and patching of the Policy, and who drives the
discussions about modifications to our foundation documents
(Constitution, DFSG, SC). If you want to stretch it a bit, include the
discussions on -vote previous to a GR. _That_'s tha closest to
legislative we have. 

The DDs were, however, never elected by the "citizens" (users), so I
can only position Debian as a social structure as a XVIII-century
regime. It is extremely unlikely for a regular citizen to become a
voting member. They consume the goods of our oh-so-very-hard work, but
don't really have a say on our doings. Well, we'd better listen to
them, if we want to keep our heads in close proximity. Don't forget we
have at least a DD (hi, Evan!) that actually _uses_ the French
Revolutionaire Calendar!


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