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Re: Debian Weekly News - November 28th, 2006

Filipus wrote:
> Drew Parsons must also have been commenting the point of view which joey sends 
> by implying that dunc-tank is unfortunate, as DWN should be NPOV. If you 
> don't like that people are paid to work on Debian, you can help Debian 
> anyway...but it's still best to stay neutral in what should be so.

That's partly what I had in mind, but even more so I was commenting on
the fact that Martin has said the same thing in previous issues of DWN.
I respect his expressing his point of view in DWN in the first
instance, but having stated it already it's not clear to me how helpful
it is to keep harping on it over again issue after issue.  It's not
news anymore.  

If he really feels it's important to mention it, then the place with
the call for assistance, "We still need more volunteer writers", would
be a more appropriate place for it.


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