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Ruby knowledge for DebConf wanted


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As people who followed the recent Call for Papers/Registration for
DebConf7 may have seen we are now using a new system (Pentabarf) to manage the
attendees and talks. This system is written in Ruby (and a bit
Javascript), using the RubyonRails framework, storing its data in a
postgresql database.

While upstream is nice and usually responds quickly and also helps a lot
if one has issues, the thing is currently very dependant on
myself. Which is a thing I dont like. There should be other persons who
know how to deal with it, just in case the magic bus finds me...

So, Im looking for people who want to help.

What you need to know:

- Ruby and RubyonRails, obviously :)
- a bit Javascript and HTML

What you have to do:

- deal with me. And also with the DebConf teams wishes for changes.
- adapt PentaBarf to our needs. Most things we needed for the
  Registration phase are done, but there are some open tasks for the
  schedule, some reports can be done, etc.

The whole work will be done in an svn, so we can easily track changes,
merge in upstream changes, etc. As said earlier upstream is nice and
helps wherever possible, so we give back everything thats not too

If you are interested in helping out either reply to this mail or talk
to me on irc (irc.debian.org, #debconf-team).

bye Joerg
I read the DUMP and agree to it.

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