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Re: Re: Open Letter to Anthony Towns about the d-i mediation ...

On Mon, Nov 06, 2006 at 02:23:47PM +0100, Joey Schulze wrote:
> Just wanting to shut me up is not going to help there.
Apparently.  However, sadly, if you just would do it, it would help a

Well, it has been over 6 months, and i was silent about this for longer times
during this time, and this didn't help.

So, sorry to be bothering you all again, but being silent doesn't help in


Sven Luther

It has been over 6 months since your *first request for DPL mediation*. Less than 5 months ago, you posted a "Call for a new DPL mediation ... This will be the only thread i will reply to in the next time about this issue." (thanks for the effort choosing a silent subject, BTW). After this ~72 mails thread, your only reply to the first thread I opened on the only Debian mailing list I'm subscribed to was entirely a rant against fjp. This was in August. Assuming you meant "long times", I think you must have short long times. I reiterate what Joey Schulze said. You know how much you'd gain from a new DPL mediation anyway.

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