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Re: Position Statement to the Dunc-Tanc "experiment"


I'd like to thank you for putting up this email which summarize
extremely well my feelings about what's happening, feelings I haven't
been able to elaborate on in an email, out of disgust, despair and

I'd add that the harm done by this "experiment" is already so huge
that there's unfortunately no turning back, and it seems quite obvious
that Debian will never be again what it was before, and that is very

I'm not very keen on "plot" theories, but I'd say that "had somebody
wanted to kill (or inflict maximum damage) to the project, he couldn't
have done any better than the current DPL". This being blattant
unconsciousness and irresponsability or the result of a deliberate
conscious will to harm is almost the same: it is totally unacceptable.

Note: this is not a personal attack. I don't know Anthony and bear no
particular opinion about the guy. But I do bear special and strong
opinions about what he /did/, hence the comment.

On 10/26/06, Joerg Jaspert <joerg@debian.org> wrote:
So, to summarize DTs effects on Debian: It has demotivated a lot of
people who now either resigned, simply stopped doing (parts of their)
Debian work or are doing a lot less than they did before DT was

I'm part of those.

The freeze got delayed and getting the release out on schedule
has become nearly impossible. We are unable to see any good virtue in
this "experiment".

Neither do I.

Having said all this and also risking yet another flamewar, let us make
a last request for now: Please have a healthy discussion, let the DT
people answer these questions, tell them (or us) if they (or we) made wrong
assumptions or something, but please do not flame.

Agreed. The above comments I made in this email are not intended to
start a flame. They are mere expressions of my current thoughts, and
such strong thoughts can only be expressed with strong words.

Signed by:
Jörg Jaspert, ftp-master assistant, DAM, DebConf Organizer
Alexander Schmehl, Debian Developer, press, event manager, DebConf Organizer
Alexander Wirt, Debian Developer
Daniel Priem, New Maintainer
Martin Würtele, Debian Developer
Gerfried Fuchs, Debian Developer
Patrick Jäger, User
Otavio Salvador, Debian Developer
Joey Schulze, Debian Developer, Security, DWN, DSA, press, promoter
Felipe Augusto van de Wiel, New Maintainer
Sam Hocevar, Debian Developer
Pierre Habouzit, Debian Developer
Julien Danjou, Debian Developer, Stable Release Manager
Peter Palfrader, Debian Developer
Julien Blache, Debian Developer, promoter
Christoph Berg, Debian Developer, QA, NM front-desk
Holger Levsen, New Maintainer, DebConf Organizer

I would totally have signed this letter too had I known about it
earlier. I endorse everything it says.


PS: people willing to constructively interract with me can CC me on
replies, as I'm not subscribed to the d-project m-l.

Thibaut VARENE

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