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Re: Using money to fund real Debian work

Le mercredi 11 octobre 2006 10:16, vous avez écrit :

> > It's not Dunc Tank's fault if your jealous.
> Hmm, maybe it is because the developer is jealous on/of somebody
> being directly or indirectly paid by the project while they are
> not?

My personal belief is that being jealous is wrong.

If you, Martin Schulze, were given financial compensation to work full
time on key Debian taks, and you'd enjoy it, I'd be very happy for
And you know what? I'm convinced you'd continue to do a great work within
the project. Of course, I don't know you. But I believe it. And I believe
it would be a benefit for the project and for our users. It is all that matters.

> > > > I personaly have no real idea whether Dunc Tank is a good thing or
> > > > a bad one, but seeing that a group of people is trying to improve
> > > > Debian in some respect increases my motivation.
> > > 
> > > Right, before Dunc-Tank was started nobody tried to improve Debian.
> > 
> > The time between two Debian releases has always increased. So, yes,
> > nobody has ever improved that. Objectively, it looks to me that
> > that Dunc Tank wants to improve this, which would be great for
> > our users. Let's put our selfishness aside for once?
> Maybe you should've started to get Debian only release on i386 and amd64
> and not accept any complex dependencies of packages?
> I believe that that would've hurt Debian as well.

That wouldn't be Debian, the Universal Operating System then?

Jérôme Marant

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