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Re: Using money to fund real Debian work

On Sun, Oct 08, 2006 at 11:54:46PM +0000, Bill Allombert wrote:
> This means that someone with a lot of money will be able to decide which
> projects will be completed just be funding them. Other projects will not
> be completed because people will lack time and incentive even if these
> projects would improve Debian more. Developers will tend to propose task
> that are likely to be funded. The "sponsors"  will have a large decision
> power of what is done and rightly since they funding the development.
I don't see how those are entirely bad things.  Some people have
technical ability but no money and so they volunteer their time.
Others, have little technical ability but lots of money and so would
rather donate money.  Saying, "that is bad because the sponsors will
have a large influence" ignores the fact that this is exactly the
situation in which we are now.  The only difference is that rather than
money, it is time which is used to "influence".  Either way, the more
popular parts of the project will get more attention.  Does this mean
that some parts which need attention get neglected?  Yes.  However, the
popular parts, which generally affect the most users, will get more
attention whether it is people giving their time or their money.

For example, there are some changes I would really like to see to
svn-buildpackage.  However, I know nothing about Perl, except for how to
spell it.  If I had the money for it (which sadly I do not), I would
seriously consider hiring someone to fix that for me.  Do you say that
such a thing is bad?  Becuase I have decided how to dedicate my money?
What if I was a Perl hacker extraordinaire and decided to fix it myself?
Is that bad because I have decided how to dedicate my time?

The point is, time and money are both resources.  If someone tried to
pressure me into putting my time into something which did not interest
me, I would likely refuse.  If someone likewise tried to pressure me
into donating my money to something which does not interest me, I would
likely refuse as well.

The strange thing is that while I see lots of discussion about why
people should or should not be allowed to fund particular developers to
do particular things, I don't see any similar discussion about why
people should or should not be allowed to spend their time working on
the parts of Debian that interest them most.



Roberto C. Sanchez

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