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The revolution begins....


I am Nilesh Chauhan.  I am 27.  I am  studying  Master of Computer Applications in India.


I don't want to be  a revolutionary.  But the revolution will come through me.


I haven't maintained a good study record. Actually, I am not interested in it. I have been suffering from stammering for last 17 years. I haven't   learned some small  daily life

habits. So people laugh at me.


You may think that I am a crazy person & wasting your time. But please read this.


I have been giving all of my years in finding truth  in everything  & in  spiritual learning.   Now  I am going to implement it.  In fact, I have already implemented it.


Do you know which is the greatest  thing  in the world ??


I  firmly  believe, it is " THE DETERMINATION OF AN INDIVIDUAL".


I can work 48 hours continuously.  Then I need to sleep for some hours.


I want to work for 5 years in this materialistic world.  Then I will spend rest of my life   to achieve my spiritual goal.


I will work 5 years, continuously 48 hours in a day. I mean my day will be of 48 hours.




I want to start MISSION : OPEN SOURCE.  I want only 1000 persons like me from this world.


In the next 5 years , I want to establish the foundation that will change the world.


Not everyone is invited. A few persons, a few  selected  personalities.


The criteria will be as under :


No salary will be given.


No career.


No patents. 


No ambitions. 


No  social restrictions.


No religion.


No god.


Only ready to work like me.


They will not work forcefully.


They will work wishfully.


Only  the willingness to forget yourself.


Only lodging – boarding facilities will be provided.


They will be allowed to live with their loved ones, if they wish.


They will be allowed to celebrate each & every moment of their life





Actually, living like this is  an  intoxication. It is one of the best way to live life.  


It is one of the best way to reach the god, the eternity or whatever you believe.


Why do I want to work for you? Why do I want to work for open source??  The reason is HUMANITY.


I don't want to be a saint.


I don't want to be a social worker.  Only I want to work in my crazy way.


I will be bound to you by a contract that if I won't work as stated above, you can 

 punish  me legally.


More 7 months are remaining in my study. But if you wish, I will leave my study on the

very moment you call me.


If this concept is implemented, it will destroy all the older things & will be the best

revolution the human being has ever experienced.







I am not doing  this for citizenship & all that.  I will be legally bound to leave your country after 5 years.


I am not married.  I have no girlfriend.


You will say that you have enough employee & you are able to give salary to them.

Then why should you hire me??


I am not going to work as your employee. I want to work for my satisfaction.


Between me & your employee, the difference is the attitude. The willingness to die for truth.


I don't want to be a slave of money or publicity or society.


I am from a middle class family. If you want to give me something, please take care of my old parents after 5 years.


If you want to give  salary  to others who want to work as me and want money, you can give them.  But I  do not want money. 


It  is the main beauty of this concept.


The main problem with this concept is this:


How a person can work continuously 48 hours, without any selfishness, without any payment, without forcing himself/herself  & with full interest???


Leave all this on me. I have developed a technique by which anyone can do that.


The only thing needed is the "DETERMINATION".


Please contact me to know more.


I will wait for a week for your response. Then I will try somewhere else.





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