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Re: [AMENDMENT] Now is not the time to decide on firmware issue

On Tue, 26 Sep 2006 18:18:37 +0200, Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> said: 

        The following proposal does not seem to be related to a
 position statement on the current applicability of DFSG#2, it seems
 to be an independent proposal in its own right.

        Reasonable people may be willing to ratify Don's proposal
 about what the SC says now, and also to start a long term project to
 overhaul the SC.

        As such, it is my intention to put them on separate ballots.


> ============================ START OF AMENDMENT
> ========================== Considering that:
>    (1) The current discussion about what to do with sourceless
>        firmware is muddled by other discussions and time pressure
>        because of the release of Etch.
>    (2) The subject matter is extremely complex and most developers
>        probably do not have a clear understanding of what
>        (sub)categories of files are involved, what legal and
>        practical issues are associated with each of them, and what
>        implications a decision on them will have for e.g. the
>        usability of the Debian installation system, nor what long
>        term implications a decision may have for the project as a
>        whole.

> The Debian Project:
>    (a) Affirms that the project strives for and encourages 100
>        percent free software, including the availability of source
>        for all types of files.
>    (b) Resolves that the project needs more time before a decision
>        can be made on how sourceless firmware or other types of
>        files (such as, but not limited to, logos, images and video)
>        are to be dealt with.
>    (c) Requests the DPL to delegate developers to prepare position
>        papers on the legal and practical issues surrounding these
>        types of files in view of both of the project's chief
>        priorities: "free software" and "our users".  These papers
>        are to be presented to the project for discussion two weeks
>        before Debconf 7 and should include:
>        * a classification of the different types of files involved;
>        * a summary of legal issues with regard to the different
>          types of files;
>        * alternative technical solutions for dealing with different
>          types of files, e.g. in the archive and in the installation
>          system;
>        * a statement about whether or not changes are needed/wanted
>          in the project's foundation documents in order to realize
>          the proposed solutions and possibly a proposal for these
>          changes.
>    (d) Requests the DPL to facilitate the work of these teams by
>        providing access to legal counsel and other resources.
> ============================= END OF AMENDMENT
> ===========================

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