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Re: Filibustering general resolutions

On Thu, Sep 21, 2006 at 08:58:36PM +0000, Thaddeus H. Black wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 20, 2006 at 03:36:43PM -0500, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> > > It's only a veto if a malicious group does this *indefinitely* and
> > > intentionally and I haven't seen evidence that this is happening or
> > > is about to happen. Let me know if I've missed something.
> > 
> >         The past is not always prologue.
> > 
> >         As the project grows, and apparently more polarized, it is
> >  easy to find K + 1 developers  at the extreme ends of any
> >  position. As the project grows, so do the extent that people go to to
> >  get their ends met (I'll refrain from pointing out the latest
> >  proposals on -vote).
> Manoj is right about this.  The key words are, "As the project grows."
> The Iron Law of Large Society obtains.  Standing houses of parliament
> seldom have a thousand members.  Industrial plants seldom exceed two
> thousand workers.  Schools with three thousand children have been tried;
> they fail.  Why this is so, you and I can speculate; but that it is so,
> is hard to dispute.
Hi Thaddeus,
a while ago, I thought about the 1,300 (+-) DD's and realized that there
is a difference between 1,300 active mailing-list flaming package
maintainers and 1,300 active non-flaming low-mailing-list-reading
low-threshold-nmu package maintainers. One is 'heard' in the public
square that are high-traffic mailing lists and blogs and the other are
the folks who just fix bugs without all the drama. Debian has both. But
the flaming ones are the ones that cause the upset on the mailing list
and their numbers are not 100% of the populace. Those are the ones that
need to be managed. The other kind does not need to be. It is not the
quiet ones that are fillabustering or making GR after GR or other
endlessly annoying things. Thus 1,300 'quiet' DD are manageable as would
be 5,000. Its a hundred or so flaming dd's that get more problematic as
their numbers increase one by one.  This is just a general observation
and does not in any way refer to any one specifically but rather to any
large organization. Its what makes Debian a fun place where folks battle
out the myriad points of view of free software -- an [ESR] bazaar of
opinions where each POW battles for supremacy in ... the meritocracy
thunderdome! x-) 
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