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Re: Rethinking stable updates policy

Sven Luther wrote:
> > mkinitrd
> mkinitrd is dead :)

Whatever... :)

> > debhelper
> debhelper ???

Didn't it creep in?  Maybe not.

> > yard
> yaird is its name.

Oh well...

> > Just try to get a more recent kernel from backports.org on a sarge
> > machine and you'll see.
> Actually, apart from the udev issue, only a recompiled yaird is needed to run
> the latest sid kernel on a sarge machine.

Err... you'll have to be able to compile the kernel as well or you won't
be able to add security support to it, and that would be an even larger

> Naturally, initramfs-tools and is huge dependency chain on world+dog is a
> fully other matter.

Ah, maybe I meant this one instead of mkinitrd :)



Have you ever noticed that "General Public Licence" contains the word "Pub"?

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