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Re: Constitutional Amendment GR: Handling assets for the project

On Wednesday 09 August 2006 17:03, Anthony Towns wrote:

[publish decisions about where money goes]
> Hrm. I don't know if we should do the "announce publicly" requirement
> yet -- that would make most of the expenses we've actually done over
> the past few years unconstitutional.

Past expenses where handled as the current constitution allows.

I actually saw that part as an improvement in the sense of making more of 
the day to day activities of the project visible.  It needn't be d-d-a or 
d-news, and I'd interpret the section to allow the DPL to include this 
publication as a 'btw, we bought some disks for ...' sidenote in his 
monthly/bits/for those who care about... reports.  I think writing three 
words about authorized purchases is not that much work.

-- vbi

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