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Re: How to best reach the users of a package?

On Sat, Aug 05, 2006 at 08:20:55PM +0100, martin f krafft wrote:

> What we do not have in Debian is a way to reach users of a package
> about important issues that aren't security bugs (and even for
> security bugs...). I realise that we'll never get there, but the
> current infrastructure is just thoroughly inadequate. Or am I
> missing something?

> I envision a tool (warning: braindump ahead) that we install *by
> default* on a standard system, which uses cron to wake up once a day
> and check online for important announcements regarding all installed
> packages, and mails them to root if any are found.

The service is attractive, but mailing to root... To my great regret,
on many machine, mail to local users does not get read these days
(just think a one-user machine where he uses balsa / thunderbird /
... configured "the MS Windows may" (that is, outgoing SMTP to his
ISP, POP or IMAP access to his box at his ISP) and not mutt). I feel
there is a whole class of users that would be better reached by a
message at login (like the "you have mail"), an icon in their systray
/ notification area / ..., ... (Mail to root should definitely be a
choice for the user.)


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