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Re: How to best reach the users of a package?

On Saturday 05 August 2006 21:20, martin f krafft wrote:
> I envision a tool (warning: braindump ahead) that we install *by
> default* on a standard system, which uses cron to wake up once a day

I think that installing it by default is not really an option. As all 
Debian services, it should be opt-in, not installed by default.

Giving it the same status as popcon would IMO be an option. In effect that 
means: we ask the user during installation of any new system if he would 
like to use the service. If he/she declines, well, that's his/her choice.

> and check online for important announcements regarding all installed
> packages, and mails them to root if any are found. I was thinking
> first to use the BTS for that, but we don't want that. The PTS also
> does not provide what we need for this, so it'd be another service,
> possibly one actually using the mirrors for distribution. And we'd
> need a policy/moderation so as to prevent spamming the users.

I like the basic idea of the service. Consider the comments below a 
braindump as well.

It should also support important upgrade announcements (probably both per 
arch and per package or even arch/package combinations) before a new 
This means that the service also needs to support codename/suite.

How will the service determine if a package related message is relevant 
for a user? Single version, version ranges, codename/suite, all?

The service should also support systems that do not have a permanent 
internet connection.

Maybe it should also support corporate installations where not each 
individual system is "subscribed", but rather a sysadmin subscribes to 
the architectures/suites that are relevant for his organization, maybe 
with a blanket selection for any announcement relating to any base system 
package + selected other packages.


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