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"Debian Powered" Logo

#include <hallo.h>
* Raphael Hertzog [Wed, Jun 28 2006, 12:17:45PM]:

> > 9. It would be great if Ubuntu could advertise a bit more its Debian
> > correlation by putting Debian logos in CD covers, background images,
> > installer splashscreen, etc. Some kind of "Trademark policy" needs to be
> > worked out with Ubuntu.
> Mark Shuttleworth discussed this point with the DPL, and also with several
> other DD and we explained that the "Open use logo" has been precisely
> meant for this kind of use and that they can go ahead.

What about creating a logo for a strategy similar to the Intel Inside
campain? I imagine a simple circle of letters "Debian Powered" (in
Debian-red) around the Swirl.

I think we should promote our attendance in the development of forks a
little bit more. Today I see a bad trend meeting fresh Ubuntu users and
often hearing "Debian? Never heard about that, I use Ubuntu 6".

IMO Tec. Committee would endorse the use of a such logo deciding whether
the distro deviates too much from the official branch or not.


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