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Re: Fundamental flaw in bug reporting system

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On Mon, Aug 28, 2006 at 02:54:09PM -0700, Michael Wheatley wrote:
> I would understand a steep learning curve but this is a catch 22 overhang.
> I am a complete newbie.  The install went great and I have my command 
> line. Then I spend hours trying to find info on loading a GUI and the 
> closest I get is GNOME support telling me to "Click on the session 
> icon"  but all I have is a command line.  I decide that this could be 
> a documentation bug or feature request and I try to submit a bug 
> report but your system bounces it for poor info or structure.  It 
> looks like it will take me hours to figure out how to properly format 
> a bug report so I will not try further.
> The fundamental problem is that a newbie lacks the understanding of 
> the system or the patience that is needed to submit a bug 
> report.  Any bugs that stop newbies from using and learning the 
> system go unreported and the system retains any flaws that exclude new 
> users.
> My system is going back into storage for now.
> (I also had trouble with the GNOME bug system.  I could not find a 
> classification for my request/bug report and the "Unclassified" 
> option just told me all reports are classified.  I could of course 
> not find a classification for that bug either.  Just so you know that 
> either you are not alone or it is just my imagination.)
Hi Michael Wheatley,
As someone who reads both debian-user (the debian user mailing list) and
this one, I have come accross many users who as 'why was X and/or
gnome/kde not installed?' or 'where's X' Those users have had the luck
to find the debian-user forum becuase of google and a net connection.
Obviously, not all users have these. The only thing of which I would
think would be some README/FAQ file or maybe a few files that might be in
the /root or / that would get folks going in the right direction. I also
thought of having these in a debian doc package and/or adding a tasksel
task for something like 'debian beginner FAQ'. But then this assumes
those folks can find/use this.You may want to take this to debian-user
or debian-project (where there are discussions of interest to the
project as a whole).
just my 2 euro-centimes
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