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Re: Why Ubuntu is different, was: Minutes of an Ubuntu-Debian discussion that happened at Debconf

Le jeu 29 juin 2006 10:42, Marco d'Itri a écrit :
> madcoder@debian.org wrote:
> >it is legitimate and legal and all what you want. but it also makes
> > the cooperation between the two distribution a lot harder:
> >
> > * take the not so recent example of Xorg6.9. Ubuntu decided to
> > switch to Xorg way sooner than debian. good for'em. as a result,
> > you couldn't even build an ubuntu package on debian, because it
> > lacked the necessary build-depends.
> >
> > * ubuntu having python2.4 by default since 1year+ also causes
> > problems in that sense (even if one could argue that nothing really
> > prevented debian to switch earlier)...
> >
> >and I guess there will still be numerous examples of that kind in
> > the future.

> Two great examples showing how Debian development has been lagging.

> You cannot blame Ubuntu because Debian sucks.
did I ?

One should note though that for the second case, the person in charge 
for python in debian is also a cannonical employee.
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