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Re: Why Ubuntu is different, was: Minutes of an Ubuntu-Debian discussion that happened at Debconf

--- Ian Jackson <iwj@ubuntu.com> wrote:

> surely you don't mean
> to say that it's not a legitimate choice for
> Canonical and Ubuntu to
> make ?

The decision is perfectly legitimate and legally valid
and surely respectable and maybe one day economically
profitable, but, having been unemployed for long time,
I know that it's easy to warm up to a project if that
pays your bill.

Having said that, can I take the opportunity to invite
those who cowardly replied to my personal email,
having stated I wanted no individual reply, and
insulted me stating that I am not helping Debian, to
come out and let the mailing list recipients decide if
my contribution to the debate is relevant or not.

Ottavio Caruso

No individual replies, please!

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