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RE: (those who can...) proposed addition to debian-women list filtering, please comment

Oh, my my, you don't think I'd let the house of tor
stand there for all to see without some attractive
vinyl siding do you? You misunderstand, the naked tor
was just temporary as we were trying to decide which
_type_ of siding to place over it. Others wanted a
layer of concrete, but that doesn't look good, so I
chose this flimsy vinyl siding.... it's shiny. I hope
you like the veneer!

Do the princess bitches "we must change the men so
they are as we demand them to be, and we must change
the women so they are all stong" like the new look? I
hope not? I wish the worst to them.

It's funny... It's almost like they want a... ... ...
a , how you say, a "master race" of Strong Independent
Women who Look For Bugfixes For Debian to replace the
strong men and nice women who actually do
free-software work without complaint.

Has anyone noticed that Debian women and it's sister
groups all sprang up only once opensource software
became chic? Also... they don't actually do any
programming or development worth a damn. It's almost
like they aren't REALLY all that into these sorts of
things... maybe they are after something else. If they
are after something else besideds programming and
development then they don't have any place in debian.

Unless debian is now a women's rights activism
political party, then they're right where they belong:
in debian.

I noticed SUN's openoffice.org has tons of women just
like the debian-women inside of it... in management...
bossing around the men who cut the code.

Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. Those who
won't, manage.

I am praying to my God, the God of the old testament
who commanded "do not suffer a witch to live" that he
destroy the feminists that make up debian women.

Brainstorming on IRC has led to a proposed filter
enhancement to block all
mails sent to this list that have been relayed at any
point through a known
tor router.  This would have the effect of preventing
our troll from sending
any further mails to this mailing list without
disclosing his real location
on the Internet and exposing himself to legal
accountability.  It would also
mirror the existing ban list in place on the IRC
network, which prevents
people from joining #debian-women when connected
through tor routers.

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