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Re: Using the Debian open use logo to distinguish DFSG-compatible licenses

Wouter Verhelst wrote:
So: if there's a public statement by Debian or debian-legal on a
license (like http://people.debian.org/~evan/ccsummary is now), would
it be misleading for an organization to point to that statement?
Especially if it was clear that the review and approval was not an
endorsement of the organization or their goals?

If there were an authoritative statement about any license, I don't see
why that would be wrong.

However, one thing that Debian is not good at, is providing
authoritative statements about licenses. It would be great if you could
find a way to change that somehow, but otherwise..
I think it'd be nice if we could put together some sort of official authoritative statements about licenses, although I don't think that's something that's going to happen any time soon.

What might be a second-best approximation is a pragmatic, descriptive approach. That is, if there's an unofficial statement, plus the existence proof of works under the license being in Debian, it would probably not be unreasonable for a third party to say, "Works available under this license are suitable for inclusion in Debian."


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