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Re: Just a second of your time

Hello, Michael...

On Mon, May 22, 2006 at 04:59:45PM -0400, Michael wrote:
> Being totally ignorant of any type of Linux based OS, I'm going to ask a stupid
> question. Does Debain use a GUI or does it use a DOSesk black screen and typing
> in commands to get things cooking ?

There are several kinds of GUIs like KDE (www.kde.org) or Gnome
(www.gnome.org) to name the larger environments plus a dozen of others. The
Debian installer will offer you to select a "Desktop Installation" which
will provide you with a complete installation where you can log in and
click your way through.

The "black screen" you are referring to is called a "console". And, yes,
it's available and always a good tool to have in case your GUI environment
breaks. (On server you most likely don't even need GUIs and stay with the
console.) You can switch between consoles and the graphical environment.

> Yes I was raised on GUI ala "Windows" but I'm interested in trying to
> move away from the jugernaut. If you don't mind giving me info or even a
> website so I can research my own question. I just don't know where to
> look first

Debian GNU is merely a distribution consisting of several thousand
packages. Roughly every package in Debian corresponds to an entry in the
"Control Panel / Software" section of a Windows installation. So you get
easy access to thousands of programs easily. Still you will need to
understand how each program works. Depending on your selection you will
either get a web server or mail server or a graphics-based workstation
where you write your diploma thesis on.

I hope that you - like most of us - will enjoy Debian. Good luck with it.
By the way: your questions are better suited for the
debian-user@lists.debian.org mailing list.

Kind regards
 Christoph Haas
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