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Re: wiki.debian.org: Who's maintaining it

On Wed, Apr 19, 2006 at 08:07:52PM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> The debian-www list regularly sees bug reports [1] and mails about the 
> wiki, which no-one really takes responsibility for as debian-www is about 
> www.d.o and not wiki.d.o and in general different people are involved.
> So, IMO there are two solutions:
> 1) people involved in setting up wiki.d.o subscribe to d-www and take
>    care of any wiki related issues raised there;
> 2) we create at least a wiki.debian.org pseudo package for the BTS and
>    maybe a separate mailing list
> If 2) is selected and a mailing list is not deemed necessary, what address 
> can be used to forward bugs to?
> Cheers,
Hi Frans,
they are 2 different web sites, have different software running on them,
they should have distinct pseudo package name aka #2. Would it make
sense to create a single list of WWW, wiki and any other possible
websites that are officially part of debian? if so, then I guess
maybe call it 'debian-websites' and have any www and wiki bugs go there?
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