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Re: Summer of Code 2006, should Debian take part?

On Tue, 18 Apr 2006, Anthony Towns wrote:
> One thing that I think would be interesting is to separate many of the
> projects into teams -- eg, projects from debian-release, debian-installer,
> debian-edu, debian-women, etc.
> > [2] http://wiki.debian.org/SummerOfCode2006
> Please add ideas to the wiki :)

Please keep in mind that we're speaking of a work that should last 4
months. We should avoid too small projects like "apt-listbugs
enhancements/fixes" unless you have very big plans for apt-listbugs. :-)

(I imagine that the interest for the university/school is that the student
work on something coherent and not on many different unrelated stuff)

BTW, I removed "support for subversion in alioth", Gforge 4.5 does support
SVN and we will get it one day, promised (if Wichert can finish install
the new server).

I added my preferred projects:
 * Create a collaborative repository of meta-informations about sources
packages (including upstream URL, URL of upstream VCS, URL of upstream BTS,
debian/watch file, etc.) (RaphaelHertzog) 
 * Finish the CollaborativeMaintenance project (RaphaelHertzog)
 * Create a "Migration Tracking System" which can be used to track the various
migrations that are happening. It should have a web interface as well as a mail
interface. It should transparently make use of debbug's usertags to keep track
of the bugs related to a specific transition. (RaphaelHertzog)

It would be really cool to get some help to get those done. If needed
those can be grouped into a more generic project "Enhance tools for
developing Debian". :-)

Raphaël Hertzog

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