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Re: Third call for votes for the debian project leader election 2006

Wouter Verhelst wrote:


> Put differently, here are a number of questions you should answer for
> this to have merit:
> * What should a non-DD contributor be doing before we consider him/her
>   eligible to vote?

Well, presumably something that is equivalent (in effort?  in some kind of
measurable results?) to the minimal contribution made by someone who is a DD.
Which, in some cases, is pretty minimal, as I understand it.

> * How should we link their key to their identity, so that we *know* a
>   given key belongs to some non-DD contributor? For DDs, we know because
>   we've seen their uploads. For contributors, we don't see their
>   uploads, so we can only know through key signing, which is a weaker
>   criterion (unless they sign their contributions with their GPG key).

I don't have any particular opinions about this.  Surely if someone in the
project has signed their key (or maybe more than one person?), we know who they
are (at least as well as we know who anyone else in the project is)

> * Should non-DD contributors be allowed to vote on just about anything?
>   If not, what types of votes should they be allowed to vote on, and
>   what types of votes should they not be allowed to vote on? Make this a
>   clear rule, so that you can apply it to any possible and impossible
>   thing we might have an idea about voting on.

Maybe a better question is "would non-DD contributors vote on things that they
don't understand?"  It seems to me that we are already in a situation where only
the people who are really interested in, or informed about, a particular
question are voting on it.  That's why we have such low voting rates.  It seems
likely to me that people who don't know about something and who can't be
bothered informing themselves won't bother vote anyway.

Maybe we should include in the voting process a statement, to be signed with the
person's key, that goes something like "I assert that I have read the relevant
background on this issue and am able to make an informed decision for the good
of the Debian Project"?  After all, everyone here is interested in the good of

> * Should non-DD contributors be allowed to propose General Resolutions?

Why not?

> * Should non-DD contributors be allowed to nominate themselves as DPL?

Why not?  Would someone who isn't maintaining a package but who is contributing
in other significant ways, enough to think they have a chance of being elected,
be unsuitable for the essentially non-technical role of DPL anyway?

>> What would be required, short of joining the web of trust?
> Hope that answers it,

I think it raises more questions.  But this is a good discussion to have, I think.


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