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Re: Setting up i18n.debian.org?

Il giorno mar, 28/03/2006 alle 09.53 -0500, Jaldhar H. Vyas ha scritto:
> Ubuntus' Rosetta is non-free but perhaps this might be a promising 
> replacement.  If we set up something like this as a central place for 
> translations, it might be very useful for people who wish to contribute to 
> the i18n of Debian.  What do you think?

First of all. Is this a good way considering the need to interact with
upstream work already active? I see that a lot of translations made in
ubuntu's rosetta are completely different and not merged with what  is
done upstream and this is bad, in particular because translations
projects are up and running from a long time and make important choices
about *good* translations. So I'd like to think about a possible
duplicated work, able only to bring worse translations to users.

Clearly, I'm wondering many questions, in my words. :-)


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