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Re: PR work

Martin Schulze wrote:
>> Couldn't we just put something nice there? Like news that actually show
>> how alive Debian is, reporting about new, shiny software packages in
>> testing, with xxxtra-bling! Seriously, good press work isn't when you
>> send out a "hrm, still not dead" notice every three of four months.
> Yes.  Real news should be announced.  However, what you wrote as
> examples doesn't even sound suitable for debian-news to me.

I just did a quick review of this year's DWN issues and these are subjects
of hypothetical press releases interesting to users:

"Next Debian release will integrate the Kolab groupware"
"Next Debian release will have a graphical installer"
"New Debian Live Initiative will provide official Debian Live CDs"
"Debian Developer's Room at FOSDEM conference"
"Debian Booth at CeBIT"
"Debian has reorganized it's Technical Committee"
"Debian considers GNU FDL with invariant sections non-free"
"Next Debian release will have full Xen integration"


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