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Re: 1 question

"Tomasz Kaźmierczak" <tom8311@wp.pl> wrote in message [🔎] 4409761b687d5@wp.pl">news:[🔎] 4409761b687d5@wp.pl...
Hi. Is the software (kernel, packets, etc.) in testing distribution of Debian compiled in debug mode or in release mode?

Not only is this the wrong list, but it is an absurd question. Debian is not compiled using Visual Studio! In VS: debug mode means unoptimized with debugging symbols and release mode is optimazed but no debugging symbols.
In a GNU/Linux system you have many choices:

* Optimized (there are many levels of optimazation available)
* unoptimized

For both of those you have the following choices for debugging symbols:
* Include them.
* Include them in a seperate file.
* Do not include them.

So asking which "mode" the packages are compiled in makes no more sense than asking if testing supports Windows drivers. (Which it does not, although some wrappers around windows drivers do exist and can be found in contrib).

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